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Work as an SI Leader

at Lund University

As an SI Leader, you will hold SI sessions at the University. SI sessions are linked to a university course and are held once a week.


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What does an SI Leader’s work involve?

Together with a group of 10–15 students you review presented material in a challenging course during a series of SI sessions. Each SI session lasts for 1–2 hours. You act as group leader and get the group to work together, and address and solve problems. You are engaged for one semester or longer.

Below is a more detailed description of an SI Leader’s work before and during an SI session.

Before the course starts

  • You take part in a training course for SI Leaders
  • You circulate information about your SI session at the start of the course.

Before each SI session

  • You take part in lectures and communicate with relevant teaching staff.
  • You regularly publicise your SI session though channels such as lectures, email and/or social media.
  • You prepare for the SI session by integrating the course content with learning techniques through collaborative Learning.

During each SI session

  • At each SI session, you take a roll call.
  • You offer a positive and easy-going learning environment.
  • The participants’ wishes guide what is covered in the SI session, but you have prepared material in case the participants have no specific wishes.
  • You do not take on a teacher role – you are a discussion leader, sounding board and mentor. 
  • You initiate learning activities such as group work as well as presentations/discussions relating to problem-solving or reviews of theories.
  • You ensure that all participants are active during the SI session.
  • You vary the way in which students are activated to learn the course content.
  • You highlight examples of study skills and point to examples that have worked for you and your fellow students.
  • At the end of the SI session, you summarise what has been covered.

What’s in it for you?

  • As an SI Leader, you receive an hourly fee as well as:
  • knowledge in applied leadership
  • training in talking to groups
  • a fine job certificate    
  • interesting involvement
  • many new contacts
  • experience that is sought after in professional life.

You attend a two-day training course where you learn everything you need to know about being an SI Leader.

Who can apply to be an SI Leader?

If you are interested in education and leadership, think it is fun to work together in a group and share your knowledge, and want to learn how to make students engaged and motivated, this could be for you.


If you would like to know more about the work as an SI leader please contact the SI programme at your faculty. You will find contact information through the links below:

If you cannot find contact information for your faculty you can write to: si-pass [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se.