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International Award for SI-PASS

At the 10th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction in Seattle, USA the European Centre for SI-PASS was awarded for Exceptional Advancement of Supplemental Instruction

Since Supplemental Instruction was first introduced to them in 1993, Lund University became the first university in the region to begin SI, starting on a small scale in Science and Engineering and spreading widely to include the subject areas of Humanities and Theology, Social Science, Medicine, and Business/Economics.  The SI program at Lund University has been recognized nationally by the Swedish Higher Education Authority as an exemplary learning program. 

The Lund team conducts a vast amount of research and has, over the past several years, published numerous articles in referee-ed journals, made multiple conference presentations and prepared and delivered many reports to proliferate the fundamental concepts of SI and strengthen SI programming around the globe. 

Over the last decade, Lund University has been working with high schools in rural areas in the southern part of Sweden to widen participation and to give high school students a collaborative learning experience in challenging subjects.   Recently, Lund University started Language SI, focused on helping refugees prepare for successful entry into higher education.  The Lund SI team also has been working with a logistics company in the IKEA group, helping employees understand complex logistic processes in their training for better training outcomes and employee success. 

The Lund SI team is a highly collaborative team, and works in close partnership with other international centers, including serving as host for the European Centre for SI-Pass.  This team is one that strives to learn, to grow, to collaborate, and to share.  It is our privilege to honor The National Centre for Supplemental Instruction at Lund University, specifically the Certified Training team of Leif Bryngfors, Joakim Malm, and Arthur Holmer for their Exceptional Advancement of Supplemental Instruction.

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