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Unfocused/tired students


My students do not focus on the tasks at hand – how can I help them?


There are several possible ways to address this issue. A first simple solution is to reduce group sizes to 2-3 participants. They often become more focussed if the groups are smaller. Also consider if the the task/learning activity you provided is too difficult (possible solutions to this problem are given separately).

One reason for students having trouble to focus can be that they are tired (for instance, if the SI session is in early morning or at the end of a long day in school). If so, one way to address this is to take a short break and give the participants a chance to stretch their legs.Another possibility is to have an activity that combines learning with physical movement, like speed-dating or moving multiple choice.

Sometimes learning games/competitions can provide energy to the participants. Vary the learning activities during your SI-PASS sessions to make them more interesting. If there are some engaged students in your session - group them with tired/unfocused students to provide the groups with energy.