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Assigned Group Leader

This is a good activity which can model an effective study technique that can be used by students when they study in small groups outside of SI-PASS. One person in the group is asked to present on a topic or review material for the group and then lead the discussion for the group. This person should not always be the regular group leader.


  • When assigning a discussion topic to individual members of the group, you may need to be prepared to allow a little time for the person leading the discussion to prepare for the discussion. 
  • In this activity the discussion leader is not being asked to teach the material to others in the group, rather they are being asked to lead a discussion. This involves coming up with thought‐provoking questions which encourage discussion and application of course concepts.
  • This technique works best when everyone or nearly everyone in the group is given an assignment to be the “expert” on prior to the SI-PASS session.