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Closure/Check-out Activities

Example of SI-PASS session closing activities:

  • One-minute paper. Hand out a piece of paper to each participant and tell them to summarize what they learnt during the session during one minute. Collect the papers and look through. See if there are some misconceptions that you need to bring up nest time.
  • Main take-away. Tell the students to reflect during one minute over the main thing they learnt during the session. Let the student share their main take-aways.
  • KWL. If you used the KWL diagram to set the agenda a suitable closure activity is to fill in the L column together (What the participant Learnt during the meeting).
  • White-board summary. Do a summary together of things covered and learnt during the session on the whiteboard. Either you as Leader hold the pen or have one of the participants being the scribe.