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Session Evaluation Strategies

Examples of Session Evaluation Strategies:

  • ± activity. Hand out a piece of paper to each participant and tell them to put a + and a – sign on the left-hand side. Let them write one positive thing with the session and one thing they think could be improved upon. Collect the papers and look through.
  • ”Muddiest point”. Ask the participants to write down what had been most unclear/difficult during the session on a piece of paper. Collect the notes and summarize. Bring up the most common items at the next session. For instance, as a problem/task/question activity.
  • Participant poll. Put together a quick poll using an online poll instrument (for instance surveymonkey, easypoll, doodle online voting). Write the link on the white board and let participants answer the poll as a closure to the session.
  • 2D survey. If you are curious to know on how the participants felt regarding a couple of things in the session, you can draw a 2D graph like below (where the two things you want to check is pace and degree of difficulty of the session). Let each student put a mark while you look away.
2D SI-PASS session evaluation