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Cornell Method of Note Taking

Have the students make several sheets of paper using the following directions:

  1. Create a Recall Column by drawing a vertical line down the page about 1” from the margin.
  2. Create a Summary Area by drawing a horizontal line across the page about 1” from the bottom.

Have students take notes in the main area of the page, leaving the left and bottom blank. Ask them to take notes, using this format, during the next lecture.

At the next session you could use the Note Review strategy to ensure all students have the same important information in their notes. Then have them make up cue questions to put in the Recall Column. These questions should get at the important information in the notes to the right. Be sure students include both general and specific questions in the Recall Column so that they can test themselves on all of the information. Finally, have the students write a brief summary of the important material in their notes.

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