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Critical Exam Review

The critical exam review assists students to tailor their study methods and test‐ taking strategies to the cognitive levels of questions asked on the exam.


Blooms Taxonomy ‐ - provides a useful structure in which to categorize levels of cognition (LOC) of test questions (i.e. recall, conceptual, application etc.). Ideally, this activity should be done before students receive the correct answers to exam questions.

  • Begin the activity by asking students to categorize questions they missed according to the Bloom’s LOC. The SI-PASS Leader should do the same for each exam question.
  • Then, for each question they missed, identify why they think they missed the question (did not study that material, careless mistake, did not read the question carefully, vocabulary difficulties, did not understand what the question was asking etc…).
  • Finally, have the students look for patterns in the types (LOC) questions they missed and why they think they missed the question. This should lead into a discussion of the most effective way to study for the next exam based.

Each student should leave with a written study plan for the next exam.