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Starting an SI-PASS programme involves a number of steps, which are outlined below.

Recruit and train supervisors

Initiating a successful SI-PASS programme requires that the programme is led by a trained Supervisor. The Supervisor’s tasks include budgeting for the SI-PASS programme, recruiting and monitoring new SI Leaders and ensuring they receive basic SI-PASS training and recurrent further training and supervision. Although certain of the above-mentioned functions can be delegated, the Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that they are carried out, that the programme is closely connected to the course and that its quality is assured. All these functions are covered in detail during Supervisor training. Being a Supervisor requires at least a few hours of work every week (the scope depends on the number of SI Leaders).

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In addition to the Supervisor’s time, the budget encompasses the SI Leaders’ fees, and any premises-related costs and material costs. It is important that the budget has been well formulated when the programme starts.

Choose a course

SI-PASS works best when it is applied to a course that students experience as difficult, as this will increase student attendance as well as the effect. With limited resources, it is important to prioritise the courses where the effect can be maximised. The Supervisor training also covers this aspect.

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