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Training and other resources

The European Centre for SI-PASS offers regular training courses for new Supervisors. The Supervisors can then hold SI Leader basic training courses and provide recurrent training for SI Leaders.

SI Supervisor training

The Supervisor training covers what SI-PASS is, how it works and how it can be implemented at a higher education institution (making a budget, selecting suitable courses that can be supported by SI-PASS, recruiting and training SI Leaders, following up and evaluating the programme). Supervisor training can only be conducted by SI Trainers who are certified by the International SI Centre at UMKC in USA (Certified Trainer). This training is provided by the European Centre for SI-PASS in Lund.

Upcoming Supervisor training courses

SI Leader training

SI Leader training is to cover central SI-PASS strategies such as redirecting questions and wait-time and is also to contain practical components relating to planning and holding actual SI sessions. The training should act as a model for how SI-PASS actually works, i.e. should be based on SI-PASS methodology and educational tools. SI Leader training can be delivered by any trained Supervisor, but a practical solution is to coordinate a training group that reaches a certain critical mass (between 10 and 25 participants), so that the course can act as a model for actual SI sessions. If required, the European Centre for SI-PASS can also assist with SI Leader training.

Further training

As a two-day training course is not sufficient, SI Leaders should receive further training and supervision regularly during their time as active SI Leaders. A preferred option is that the day-to-day further training takes the form of regular meetings in which the SI Leaders compare their experiences and reflect on their activities together with their Supervisor.

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