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Marketing material

Here you will find handbooks and marketing materials about SI-PASS

Product price list

All prices exclusive of VAT.

SI Bag including the whole package
Bag including the whole package


SI Hoodie

SI Conference notebook and pen
Conference notebook and pen
  • Strategy cards: GBP 2.90
  • Bag: GBP 6.10
  • WB-pen one set (4 colours): GBP 2.80
  • Poster SI-PASS in progress (writeable): GBP 1.75
  • Pen: GBP 0.45
  • Bag icluding the whole package: GBP 14.00
  • Hoodie: GBP 15.00
  • Water bottle: GBP 4.25
  • Conference notebook: GBP 3.90
  • Conference pen: GBP 1.10

Freight costs will be added.

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Contact information

The European Centre for SI-PASS is at Lund University

SI-PASS [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se

+46 46 222 70 67

Visiting address
Sölvegatan 29 B, Lund, Sweden

Postal address
European Centre for SI-PASS, Lund University
Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden

European Centre for SI-PASS
Lund University
Box 117
221 00 Lund
si-pass [at] lu [dot] se