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Group Survey

Each group member is surveyed to discover their position (opinion, viewpoint, decision, solution) on an issue, problem or question relevant to course concepts. Clickers or colored A‐E index cards could be used for this initial survey. This process insures that each member of the group is allowed to offer or state their point of view.

Individuals then confidentially write a brief (minute paper) which justifies their viewpoint. These are given to the SI-PASS Leader. While students are working on another SI-PASS activity, which address concepts related to the opening problem, the SI-PASS Leader can pull diverse viewpoint justifications from the session attendees and offer them up to discussion towards the end of the session.


  • A survey works best when the problem/issue or question is something that is relevant to student’s personal experiences, or challenges common misconceptions (i.e. opinions or views are briefly stated, and anonymous. Be sure to keep track of the results of the survey