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College Bowl

This is a fun way to check to see if students know the material well enough for a test or quiz. The key is being well prepared with about 20‐30 question at different levels of difficulty (conceptual/ application/synthetic) and in different categories.


  • Form small groups and let them know the rules:
    • No books or notes.
    • All teams start with 10 points.
    • Team leader raises their hand when ALL members on the team are prepared to explain the answer. 
  • Randomly assign a person to answer each question after the team discusses the concept before giving the answer.
  • Have the reporter “wager” points depending on how confident they are that they can explain the answer.
  • If the answer is correct, the team gets the points they wagered; if incorrect, the team loses the points they wagered.
  • If the question is missed, the team that raised their hand 2nd can steal, and try to answer the question.